Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Site Location

Above shows a plan of the agreed location of the artworks within the planned site.
Please visit and enter 'Sea Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth' into the search field to view the site.
Recent multi-million pound investment in Boscombe Seafront is creating the most anticipated and innovative beach development in Europe.
This has seen the construction of Europe's first artificial surf reef, renovation of the iconic grade II LISTED 1950's Boscombe Pier, 'Reefside' cafe, renovation of the Overstrand 1950's promenade building to incorporate stylish 'Beach Pods' interior designed by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway. 'Urban Reef' a high quality restaurant with panoramic views, surf school, board hire and retail units. A piazza has been fashioned in front of the pier, with landscaping by the in-house Landscape and Technical Team alongside public artwork by artist Simon Hitchens. A new seafront community of 169 apartments located along the cliffs overlooking the surf reef has also been built and the Neptune Pub on the promenade by Boscombe Pier has been refurbished.


Andy Kirkby Sculpture Blog said...

Good meeting last night

Jessetuckuk said...

Andrew Kirkby
Suggestions, ideas,
Look at the natural elements of environment, wind, sun, and sea to even maybe power the piece, or interaction with the people or between the sculptures to create an experience with an interaction. Maybe a series of fold down chairs, Around the sculpture for an interaction, or maybe some sort boat wheel to turn or interact some part of the sculpture mechanically, or solar power to power a light or some sort I know there will be possible health and safety issues.
Will night time change the over all affect of sculptures, think about involving lighting to highlight the pieces, and helping tourist to find the way through at significant characteristic of the sculptures.
Will the different seasons of the year have a different affect on the pieces?
I hope these suggestions have use to you Andy, for your idea and concepts
Kind regards
Jesse Tuck