Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Proposal.

Bournemouth Borough Council, working closely with Boscombe Sea Change funders- Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE)- has commisioned a series of 7 new artworks by an experienced artist, Andrew Kirkby, to assist orientation and to link Boscombe Pier with Boscombe Precinct.

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FJB said...

I attended the meeting on 20th Jan at the chine hotel, and thought that the presenation by Andy Kirkby was very professional and interesting. The use of bronze seems an ideal choice of material, and the changing colour of the patination through the seasons would be great. I was also enthused, as were everyone I spoke to afterwards, by the idea suggested by the lady in the audience, that a Puzzle of some kind could be incorporated in the Trail to get the public to the last sculpture which would then be the "Answer" to the puzzle. This would have to work both ways to get people to the Beach too. A simple idea to illustrate the concept, could be , say, a visual reference to a Beach Towel at the first beach sculpture, and also in the last sculpture, "go to the shops to buy one,: buy one in the shops and use it on the beach".

There seemed to be a slightly negative response from some members of the audience over the use of Historical references, however I overheard a teenager talking to her Mother, saying that when she married she would bring her children up in Bournemouth, and a historical perspective should be included.

I am slightly concerned that due to the probable waiting list for the use of the Foundry, the timeline may not be able to be adhered to, and we may lose the Grant money if you don't work fast enough!