Friday, 12 March 2010

Local Feedback In Response to the Project.

Local Feedback in response to the Sea Road Public Art Trail has been issued in the recent press release, as seen here:

'"It's usually London and other large cities that get pieces of public
art, so being a local resident was very interested to know more about
the Sea Road Public Art Trail. I attended the presentation outlining all the designs
and was able to actually meet the artist and understand the concept to
link the Boscombe shopping precinct to the sea front.
I love every one of the designs, they have a marine theme,are wacky,
fun, made me smile and I think will inspire and entertain passers by. I
actually have one of the designs very close to my home so will enjoy my own piece
of art."

- A Quote from a local resident who lives directly outside the Site of the Sunfish artwork.