Thursday, 28 February 2013

Keep the Stories Coming In......

My memories of Mount Pleasant Farm.
I was born in 1934 in Spa Road, Radipole, very near to Mount Pleasant Farm. In 1939 Mr Harry Garrett became the tenant farmer of this Farm (which was owned by Mr, Harry Weedon). Mr Garrett had two sons, called John and Bob and he was married to Annie (Mrs. Garrett). I met the Garrett brothers when I sang in the choir at St. Ann's Church, Radipole with my brother Michael, together with another five sets of brothers. We used to congregate at the farm in our spare time, where we would help bring bringing in the cows for milking and also help with the hay making. After school we would go to the Dairy and put the cardboard tops on the milk bottles. Summer holidays we would camp in the field called 17 acres (now Morrison's supermarket).

There were times when the bull had to service the cows and Mrs Garrett would make us go inside, but we used to watch from the windows!!! During harvest time, 2 carthorses, Duke and Admiral were brought to the farm from Tatton Farm, which was also owned by Harry Weedon, who was the nephew of Mrs. Rice who lived in the 'Big House' which was at the top of Ten Acres, near Two Mile Coppice. The carthorses were used to pull the wagons during the haymaking season. Most of the choir helped out during the summer months and Mrs. Garrett, who without fail was dressed in a full-length Pinafore, together with Wellington Boots, provided us with drinks and snacks.
Yes, the days spent at Mount Pleasant Farm were IDYLLIC.

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